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Brian Driscoll

(Excerpted from a bio that once appeared on Brian's web site.  You may visit his home page here.)

During my senior year, [my Music Theory teacher, Ms. Laura] Anderson approached me with news of a choral composition competition. A Community Choir in my area named Harmonium was sponsoring its first annual choral composition competition. Ms. Anderson dared me to enter the competition. Not being one to leave a dare unanswered, I entered the competition. The results? Well, I took the Grand Prize, which included a perfomance in concert by the group. This concert was well-attended, but the audience member who would further impact my life was a man by the name of Paul Somers, the editor of Classical New Jersey.  

Paul Somers reviewed Harmonium's performance, as well as my composition, and this is what he had to say:  "[Driscoll's] piece is eminently publishable, and can hold its place in the repertory of any good choir." Well, taking Mr. Somers' words to heart, I decided to submit Lord, There's A Fire, the award-winning piece, to Alfred Publishing Company in Van Nuys, California. A few weeks went by, and then I got the letter I would not have imagined getting in my wildest dreams! Lord, There's A Fire was to be published and released during the 1999-2000 choral season!  

To this day I am in awe. What started out as a simple dare has now become the start of what will hopefully be a long and prosperous career in choral composition.

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