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Dr. Anne Matlack, Artistic Director
Helen Raymaker, Accompanist
Mark Miller and Martin A. Sedek, Composers-in-residence
Linda Kastner, Manager

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Prior Reviews

“...Director Anne Matlack and Harmonium performed one of the most joy-filled and thoroughly pleasurable choral concerts one could hope for.”

Robert W. Butts, Classical New Jersey Society, June 3, 2006

“...yet another notch in Harmonium's ever-expanding mission to re-define what amateur choirs can do.”

Willa Conrad, The Star-Ledger, December 12, 2005

“The greatest compliment one could pay a choir presenting so many different concepts of vocal writing in quick succession is that it a) kept its focus so that each individual style was recognizable and b) managed to communicate more than just technical prowess. These things the singers did well. They also projected a sense of enjoying themselves, which only added to the fun.”

Willa Conrad, The Star-Ledger, March 2003

“A fine blend of vocal heft and rhythmic flexibilty... the singers were paying attention to her conducting and the audience, rather than their scores... communicating the story.”

Ken Smith, The Star-Ledger, December 2002

“Attending Harmonium concerts is a delight... The dynamics and phrasing of the choir were non-pareil, simply an astonishing sonorous blending of voices... They afforded the sell-out house a beautiful tapestry of sound and emotions.”

John Hammel, Classical New Jersey Society Journal, January 3, 2002

“...a musically tight organization with all the accessories”

Willa Conrad, The Star-Ledger, December 12, 2001

“ of those special experiences that will be long remembered - a brave and remarkably successful performance...  [Anne Matlack] deserves the highest accolades for honing this choir into a truly first-class instrument, notable for its fine singing, clear diction, and strong teamwork.”

Denis Hyams, Classical New Jersey Society Journal, December 6, 2001

“Under Anne Matlack's direction, this great cantata received a deeply moving performance, with textures and dynamics beautifully shaped... This performance will linger in the mind for a spell.”

Henry Wyatt, Classical New Jersey, April 5, 2000

“What is it that makes presentations by the Harmonium Choral Society so satisfying? By this time their perfect intonation, ideal blend, and exemplary diction are almost taken for granted. The imaginative and theme-centered programming is also a matter of course. However, one answer may be the attention paid to that third member of the live music triumvirate, the audience. Harmonium has demonstrated, respect for the listener and immaculate presentation create memorable experiences.”

Don Martone, Classical New Jersey, June 1999

“Sometimes, the greatest effect of a concert comes not from any individual performer or selection but from a progression of well-performed, well-written pieces. Such was the case with Harmonium's inspired and inspiring holiday presentation... titled simply Pax. didn't only hope for peace but came to believe that it is not only possible but inevitable.”

Robert W. Butts, Classical New Jersey, December 1998

“Harmonium is more than a fine choral group... it is an educational organization par excellence.”

William Storrer, Classical New Jersey, March 1997

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